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Blue Coffee Co.

Everyone knows that San Francisco is a food town. Almost every restaurant has some sort of signature dish or drink. Well this little coffee shop, tucked away in a little garage by a furniture shop, has the absolute best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Maybe it’s the water, maybe the coffee bean, maybe both. When you taste that first sip of the latte, the flavor of the coffee with the smoothness of the milk steamed to perfection making the whole latte rich, light, creamy and sweet. MAN! That’s some good sh*t!

The Blue Bottle Coffee Co. has lots of daily regulars. People bring their own mugs, and with no words but a simple nod of “yes I’d like my regular”, the owner knows exactly what to make!

Everytime I visit San Francisco I would make it a point to stop by and get a soy latte. Unlike the immeasurable amount of choice at a Starbucks, Blue Bottle Coffee has a simple menu of a few choices. There also isn’t any non-sense like an extra 50 cents for soy instead of regular milk. Three Dollars. That’s how much every cup is no matter how you like it. On occasions, when the line isn’t so long, he’ll even take time to make a little leaf shape out of the milk foam on the top of the cups. Now that’s some real coffee!

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