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Last saturday night, I went to my girlfriend Caroline’s house warming party. On my way home, I realized I was going to pass one of the parking lot restaurants on my list. So I suggested to my friend Jose that we try this place out. He was all for it! Making a sharp turn into the parking lot, we go out of our car and sat down at the table (right next to our car).

I found out, after Jose translated for me, that KiKe’s Tacos has been at the same spot for 4 years now. This little taco stand is actually pretty well known! They offer 6 different tacos at $1.00 each. YUM!
KiKe's Taco Menu

So what should I order? Without knowing what is it, I decided go bold and ordered the “Buche”. At the time, my friend Jose told me that it was pork neck so i figure, oh what the heck… at least its pork right? But now, as I’m writing this blog, I did a little research and people have blogged it as pork skin, pork stomach and or cheek. Anyone know exactly what this mystery meat is?

As long as it is Pork, I’m okay.  The taco was hot, a little spciy, very tender and definately hit the spot after a night of drinkin’ and partyin’.

After partying like a rock star all night, KiKe’s is the place to go!

The taco stand will magically appear after sunset on the corner of 2nd St. and Beaudry.


Kike's Taco Stand

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