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The 6th Annual BBQ Fremont, California.
Saturday, July 9, 2006

Darryl's Pariots BBQ
Hosted by a few local BBQ enthusiasts, theme of this year's BBQ was Pirates! In the 98~99 degrees heat, Darryl, Ming, John and Kristine was grilling up a storm while everyone else were busy chowin' down.
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chinese stuffed tofu

Chinese Pork Stuffed Tofu

The stuffed tofu is easy to make and you can change the reciepe however you like to make the flavor your own. Keep in mind that tofu is all about texture, it really doesn't have any flavors. The flavors of a tofu dish comes from the juices and seasonings it is cooked in. So for my stuffed tofu dish, the flavors will come from the flavors of the pork, rice wine, vegetable stock and ofcourse, soy sauce.

2 Pkg of large pre-fried tofu cubes. You can find this in almost any asian market.
1.5 Lbs. of ground pork
1 bunch of green scallions corsely chopped
2 cups of vegetable or chicken stock
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 teaspoons of tapioca powder
1~2 teaspoons of minced ginger
rice wine, soy sauce, salt to taste

1. Start by placing all the ground pork in a large bowl.

2. Mix in the Scallions, soy sauce, rice wine, ginger and salt.

** Be sure to stir the meat in one direction only.

3. Once the all the flavoring are mixed into the meat evenly, mix in the tapioca powder. When mixing in the tapioca powder, try to sprinkle it on to get a even spread.

4. To prep the fried tofu, dump all the tofu in a large bowl and fill it with cold water.

5. Squeeze each tofu cube under water, like a spunge, to get rid of any excess oil then drain all the water out.

6. To stuff the tofu, use your fingers and poke a hole on one side of the tofu cube. Then take a little more than a table spoon full of the seasoned ground pork and place it on top of the hole. Gently push the ground pork into hole.

As you pack the seasoned ground pork into the tofu, you can feel it getting denser. How much meat you want to stuff in is really up to you. Personally, I like to stuff the tofu real big until all sides buldge out slightly. this definately makes each tofu cube much denser and a hardier dish.

7. Once all the tofu is stuffed, on high heat, sprinkle some oil in a deep pot and place the opening of tofu face down in a deep pot. Let it sear for 3 minutes. This will allow the hole to be sealed and the meat will not fall out of the tofu during the rest of your cooking.

8. Keep the heat on high, and pour in the chicken stock and let it bring to a boil. The chicken stock should cover the tofu cubes.

9. Cook for at least 20 minutes.

10. As it cooks, the tofu will expand slightly. Turn the tofu cubes around to give it a balanced amount of moisture.

Taste the surrounding juices to add any salt or soysauce if needed.

11. When finished, turn off the heat and serve immediately. This texture of tofu doesn't taste as good when it is cooled.

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